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 Tiffany 1837    Tiffany & Co. 1837 Lock Necklace    Tiffany 1837 Lock Necklace   Price:$278.00
 Elsa Peretti    Tiffany & Co. 5 Open Heart Necklace    Tiffany 5 Open Heart Necklace   Price:$258.00
 Atlas    Tiffany & Co. Atlas Toggle Necklace    Tiffany Atlas Toggle Necklace   Price:$298.00
 Elsa Peretti    Tiffany & Co. Continuous Open Heart Necklace    Tiffany Continuous Open Heart Necklace   Price:$478.00
 Others    Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Necklace    Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace   Price:$278.00
 Others    Tiffany & Co. Link Necklace with Heart Clasp    Tiffany Link Necklace with Heart Clasp   Price:$350.00
 Return to Tiffany    Tiffany & Co. Mini Heart Tags Drop Necklace    Tiffany Mini Heart Tags Drop Necklace   Price:$196.00
 Elsa Peretti    Tiffany & Co. Mini Open Heart Necklace    Tiffany Mini Open Heart Necklace   Price:$250.00
 Return to Tiffany    Tiffany & Co. New Heart Tag Choker    Tiffany New Heart Tag Choker   Price:$278.00
 Return to Tiffany    Tiffany & Co. Oval Tag Necklace    Tiffany Oval Tag Necklace   Price:$278.00
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